Franjo Selinger photography

Danas smo prvo posjetili Nijo castle - kojega smo jučer preskočili jer ne radi utorkom..mogu reci samo WOW. 6€ upad ali isplati se dati svaki yen. Shogunu je baš bilo lijepo.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Ōwakudani (Great Boiling Valley, Hell Valley) black eggs hard-boiled in the hot springs. The boiled eggs turn black and smell slightly sulphuric; consuming the eggs is said to increase longevity. Eating one is said to add seven years to your life.

The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 70 million items within five main collections: Botany, Entomology, Mineralogy, Palaeontology and Zoology. The museum is a world-renowned centre of research, specialising in taxonomy, identification and conservation. Given the age of the institution, many of the collections have great historical as well as scientific value, such as specimens collected by Darwin. The Natural History Museum Library contains extensive books, journals, manuscripts, and artwork collections linked to the work and research of the scientific departments.

Exactly opposite Valun, along the range of plateaus that rise on the central part of the island, and chained to the top of the hill is where the village Lubenice is situated, bravely resisting storms and wind gusts. The Romans, therefore, named this place Hibernicia (meaning Winterly), building an unassailable fortress that rises on top of a 378m high cliff, sheltered from the east by a protective wall with two doors.